History of the Tournament

Since 2007, the Golf Tournament has been the major event for fundraising by the International Women’s Club of Antigua & Barbuda.

The funds are used to provide scholarships to assist women, resident in Antigua and Barbuda, in pursuing higher education. Project Hope educators and students in need of school supplies also receive support. The scholarships are need based and used to target women committed to working locally in professions that are important and under-represented in Antigua and Barbuda, primarily social services, education, and healthcare.

The money raised is used to fund the education programs mentioned above, primarily scholarships. The IWC is a group of volunteers with no administrative overheads. Each year, 84 golfers, men and women, participate in the event, plus many others in the community attend the luncheon and auction.  This tournament is the largest annual charity golf tournament on Antigua.

Previous tournaments.

2015 Golf Tournament

2014 Torunament Sponsors

2013 Golf tournament

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