Women’s Club donates to international water project

St. John’s Antigua- Although the International Women’s Club of Antigua & Barbuda’s (IWC) main projects are created for the benefit of local residents and organizations, it also assists in projects on an international scale.

IWC is a member of the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO), an association with more than 75 member clubs in 40 countries worldwide, with a total membership in excess of 15,000. Among its activities, the federation hosts the FAWCO Foundation which gives out development grants and education awards.

Each year, the foundation selects a target project to assist development somewhere in the world. All member clubs vote on which project to support and then raise funds specifically for that project.

This year, the selected target project was to build wells for indigent families in the Kampong Chhnang province of Cambodia. These wells would provide clean water and a source of irrigation so people could become more self-sufficient in food production.

The A&B IWC donated US $400 to the project, enough to fund one family well and one field well.

Overall, a goal of US $80,000 was set for fundraising worldwide, and the goal was surpassed in December 2011. The FAWCO Foundation continues to raise money for the project.

In other local activities, the IWC annually gives out over EC $40,000 in scholarships to Antiguan and Barbudan women pursuing tertiary education goals. In addition, each Christmas, the club distributes over 200 food hampers to needy families throughout the country.

Membership in the club is open to all women living in Antigua & Barbuda who would like to participate in these service projects. To find out more about the organization, see their page on www.antiguanice.com, or contact Louise Knapman at 461-6444 for a membership application.




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